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Concerts and events



A Mass for Us was first aired at the Wellfleet Library Gallery for the opening of Michael Burbank's work on August 26th, 2017.

James Pellerite is playing "Sound At Dusk" again on July 6th, 2017

.James Pellerite, the virtuosi of the Native American wooden flute played at a house concert, my piece "Nightfall in the City" It was adapted to the flute and we changed the name to "Sound At Dusk".


Lary Chaplan played "Viola Thinks" at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Brewster on June 18, 2017


 Today I just did everything necessary to send off a new album of Soundpaintings.


I am almost finished with what, at the moment, I'm calling a Punk Aria. I have no idea how to find, or even know what the singer must be or and sound like. This isn't exactly a pretty piece.


 I am Artist of the Week on Radio Thailand, again and once more. Thank you.


I have a new commission for a piano, flute and saxophone piece. I have some interesting and fast piano rhythm going. On top a slow moving flute (almost in the next county). I'll add the alto Sax and hope it works.


.Bob Marcus played my viola solo, "Viola Sola" at the open mic in the UUCHurch in Brewster, Ma on May 21st.


I'm creating a classical version of  American Lullaby with a mezzo , a cellist a violinist and me on piano.





A Glimpse  into my latest composition, A Mass for One World.



I've been totally involved in archiving my work in  the Wellfleet Public Library and in the Fondazione Adkins Chiti: Donne in Musica in Italy. I have directions  on my Wikipedia page for whoever wants to find my music after I'm gone.


Concert in Modena Italy on March 6th Adriana Tiege performing with Luca Lenzi, both on  the clarinet   "The Tea Party, Dancing with my Teddy and Playing Dress up".

I am very happy to be involved in a  Project expressing solidarity with Syrian women. Check This for a picture of three warriors defending their houses in the north. See the list of soundart that traveled with pictures and an article through many online magazines.  Women from the list.serv Female Pressure gathered the sound art from their members and I'm happy to say mine is right here.

 "Syrian Moonlight" 

 The rest of the Sound Art




Saturday, Nov. 28. A 60 Minutes/60 Compositeurs concert in Brussels, with Fabio Schinazi and Mariano Ferrandez at the piano; Danielle Baas, artistic director. Reservations are required. Fabio is playing "Dust Bunnies   At Club de Musique, in the Duchy of Luxembourg On October 18th My piece "performed by Fabio Schinazi.


Open Mic - Classical at the UU Church in Brewster on June 21st. "The Tea Party" Performed by Janice Smith and Monika Woods.


Concert at Sofia, Bulgaria, May 16th with Borislava Taneva. Plus Svetlana Avdala (curator, journalist, movie director) took extracts from the concert and  created a film that is being prepared for distribution to Bulgarian National Television.  The composition "Dust Bunnies" performed here by Fabio Schinazi.


Ninth album  Live at the Center Roxana Bajdechi plays Canary Burton's piano works from her solo recital  October 27th at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod, South Yarmouth, Ma. 


 Concert at Espace Toots, Centre Cultural d'Evere, Brussels, Belgium. February  27th  & 28th,  Brussels, Belgium.



 Painter Danièle Cancelier worked along side the performers and created pictures  for each   composition.


Hear "Dust Bunnies" played by Fabio Schinazi.

Music Producer - Danielle Baas.

fall foliage

                                                          Painter Danièle Cancelier 



Two organ compositions   commissioned by Carson Cooman, Memorial Church, Harvard, Boston, Ma, "In The Beginning" and "Green and Yellow Basket."


Eighth album released “Lou Lou & Bird's Soundpainting 2014"


Here is an interview in MuzicNotez an online Magazine for September's issue.

I have been awarded the Patsy Lu Prize in music for my piece, "Southern River" for cello and viola. This was given in August 2014 by the International Alliance of Women in Music.


Seventh Album was released, "Bird Song". More Classical music


J.C. COMBS, the um pa pa of the social network SOUND-IN (a serious electroacoustic musicians social network) at selected Canary Burton and Marylou Blakeslee's soundpainting, "Midnight Ride" to be featured on the site for the month of May, 2014.


Rebecca Hosking for Skope Magazine June, 2014


"Canary brings us a jazz compilation called, Jazz Bird. She is a composer that writes for no other reason except for the love of the game.  Some people exude their talent and Burton is one of those who creates pure heart felt music from the deepest depths of the soul.


Jon Jarvis' (Canary's interpreter)fingers glide across the ivory keys as if the piano is an extension of his existence. The soft, melodic sounds fill the room and wrap around your heart as you get lost in Canary's world. Jon executes the music with precision but playfully bounces from tune to tune. You can feel the emotional boundlesseness to each track and can hear the longing in every single note. 

Canary Burton's latest CD, Jazz Bird, is a testimony and display of musical distinction. The music is uplifting and a caliber above the norm. It's simplicity is it's beauty as you journey into the heart of a woman pure in spirit. "

rate this a 5 out of 5




Two soundpaintings were chosen for Margaret Nobel's Website Gallery 


 Sixth Album “Jazz Bird” has been released April 30th and is spreading from  to everywhere.


 My fifth album, “Bird Notes” chamber music, was released in May.


 Fourth Album, “Classical Bird”, chamber music solo and ensemble.



 Roxanna playing my music

 Roxana Bajdechi plays Canary Burton's piano works on October 27th at  the Cultural Center of Cape Cod, South Yarmouth, Ma.  

 Photo by Sue Doherty



Review of "Bird Song" at


Jazz tunes: Raggity Three Step, Ya Gotta be Kidden were written especially for Roxana.


"Sri Rama"  The Fifth performance, Cross Island's Elinor Zayas Performed "Sri  Rama" on August 8, 2012 At the 820 Main Art Gallery in Harwichport, Ma 


"Chopin Slept" for piano, cello and clarinet was performed by Long Island Trio,  Cross Island in the Wellfleet Library on August 7th 2012.


"Harbor" chosen for Margaret Noble's sound art gallery online.


Commission for what became "The Twelfth of Cold" from Ruth Loman, composer at Brandeis University, Boston. This has three movements, Fairy Boat, Sno Imp and Frost Heaves.




 Four handed piano composition "Daniella's Hope" at the request of Danielle  Baas.  


Third Album “Lou Lou & Bird's Soundpaintings 2012 was bundled with Clandestine Records and sold easily


60 X 60 is a project containing 60 pieces of music 60  in length Presented continuously in an hour performance synchronized with an analog clock  60 X 60 presents a slice of what is happening in the contemporary music scene. 


Sound art piece, "Minute Meld" was included in a December 14, 2012 performance 60x60 (2012) PianoForte Mix Friday, December 14, 2012, 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm, PianoForte Foundation, Fine Arts Building, 8th Floor 410 S Michigan Avenue Chicago, Illinois.Thanks Robert Vosiey.  Marylou Blakeslee and I made the clip

Minute tunes

Dust Bunnies

La Compara

Viola Thinks

Minute Meld

Cuban Love




The  Members Musicale of Women's Music at Columbus, Ohio, September 27, 2011 for the seventh performance, Jerry Casey Soprano -  Marietta Brits, piano.

The Ohio Premier of "The Promise", the sixth performance, was at the Worthington Music Club on September 26th, 2011


"Whispers, a guitar lullaby, commissioned by Aaron  Legert-Caplan was performed on October 9th, 2011 at the Universalist  Unitarian Church in Provincetown, Ma. at John Thomas's Great Music series. Aaron included "Whispers" on his concert at The New School of Music, 25 el Street, Cambridge,Ma,  8pm November 10, 2011. 


Femmes Du Monde Les Traces De Chopin De Liszt. My composition "Chopin Slept" was performed in Yakaterinburg, Russia at the  Ural Philharmonic Society on April 29th, 2011. Using Skype and a video camera I was able to attend the concert in real time. Olga Victorova, concert director. Danielle Baas  commissioned the piece.


concert poster in russia


Second album, “Women In Harmony” by Joan Yakkey in Italy and me in the US. We collaborated using the internet and made a  lovely album. The 10  women choral group, Tempus Floridum is superb. We each wrote new music and Joan filled out the album with  traditional Italian folk songs.  This is a  choral music album created in conjunction with Yakkey, the choral director at the Music Conservatory Luigi Cherubinin in Florence, Italy.




 Sur les traces de Chopin et de Liszt...Femmes du monde 23rd of October, at  the Abbaye  de Dieleghem my piece "Chopin Slept"was  performed.




 Max Lifchitz commissioned and performed my composition "Permanent Record" in  New  York City on October 8th, 2010.


 "Sigrid's Lullaby" was written along with other music during this time.




 Wrote singing songs like - "Nightfall in the City "




 THE BELGIUM CONNECTION The fourth performance of The "The Promise" on  February 10, 2007 at Centre Armillaire - Centre Cultural    Jettois in Brussels,  Belgium.  Soprano-Marie de Roy, pianist-Jean Noel Remiche.


For string Orchestra, my composition "Bee String" is played here with midi instruments. Commissioned by Robert Burroughs.  




 Jazz:  Monkish, Companion




 "Turkey Too, TriTone SubRosa" still with the Jazz.




 "Gaia Morning, Gaia Noon, Gaia Night"  Improvised Grandeur.




 The Third Performance  of "The Promise" by soprano Teneall Santillion and pianist Min Houts at the Wellfleet, Ma Library on  October 24, 2003.


  Release of first album "Piano Music From Cape Cod". This a good album.




  "Familarity, Lu Lu's Rag"  early jazz.




 The Second performance of "The Promise " was by Ensemble VCX at the Kalvos

 & Damian Ought-One Festival, August 25-26, 2001 in  Montpelier, Vermont.


  Row Twelve(commission) "Sinuosity"

  Dedicated to Suska Matsik, The Studio Gallery, Chatham, MA - Cape Cod.

 Sixth performance - John Thomas - director and pianist, Diane Fisher - oboe,    Robin   Hendrich - flute at Wellfleet, Ma   Library on May 17, 1998.

 Fifth performance by Row Twelve at Chinese Cultural   Institute, April   20, 1997,    Boston,  Ma.

 Fourth performance by Row Twelve, Gail Grycel, manager, at Provincetown Art  Asso.,    August  8,1996.

 Third performance by Row Twelve at Wellfleet Library, April 28,1996.

 Second performance by Row Twelve at Middlesex School Chapel, March 24, 1996,  Concord, Ma

 Premier performance by Row Twelve, Gail Grycel, manager, At the Society of  Composers  Region 1 conference, October 7, 1995,  Bezanson  Recital    Hall,  Univ.  of  Mass/Amherst.  



 I had to have been doing something, I never do "nothing." 




 Was I playing long distance with piano and sax fellow in Ohio, yes? 




 Premier performance of "The Promise" at Wellfleet, Ma Library, May 17, 1998 by  Pianist  Terry Winter-Owens and soprano Marcia Wood.



 "Atlantic Sonata"  Dedicated to John Zielinski. Boston, MA  Fifth performance by NK   Pulmano at Singleton Center for the Arts,  University of Kentucky at  Lexington, on     Dec.  5, 1998


 The Promise is  sung  by Tempus Floridum, a 10 woman chorus in Florence, Italy             directed by Joan Yakkey. On  the  CD WOMEN IN HARMONY 





 Premier performance  of "We Want To Pond Naked" by Row Twelve at the Chinese  Cultural Institute, Boston, Ma. April 20, 1997.

 Wrote "Clara Young", Refugee" and "Early in the Morning".








 “We Want to Pond Naked,” for narrator, flute, oboe and piano, from Row Twelve  second    commission.

  Second performance by Row Twelve at Wellfleet Library, April 28,1992.


  Wrote "Gaia -Morning, Noon and Night". 

  Fourth performance by John Zielinski in the concert series for the Wellfleet Library       on  Feb. 24,l991. Fourth performance of Costa  Brava.



  I was writing jazz and folk during this time. You will find them on the albums “Jazz     Bird” and “Bird Song.”





   John Zielinski performed Atlantic Sonata in the Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall,        New York City on Nov. 11, l990. Third performance of  Costa Brava.


   Wrote"Costa Brava", my favorite. dedicated to Maria Costa. May she be peaceful      and happy sometimes.




 "Victoria's Harp"  (Victoriis real)  Premier performance by John Zielinski at        Trinitarian Congregational Church, North Andover,  MA on  Nov. 3, l989.


 Cassette tape including: Shri Rama, Folksong For My Mother, Gaia-Noon,  Victoria's Harp, Sometime After One and Costa Brava.  Performed by John  Zielinski.


 Second performance by John Zielinski for the concert series at Temple Beth Zion,  Brookline, MA on Oct. 28, l990. Second  performance of "Folksong For My  Mother".


 Premier performance by John Zielinski for the Beethoven Society at Cliftondale  Congregational Church, Saugus, MA on May l8, l990.  Second performance  of" Costa Brava".




  "Sri Rama" Chopin would like this and so does Cornell Williams who inspired it.           Fourth performance by John Zielinski in the Concert series for the Wellfleet Library     on   Feb. 24, l991.

   The 3rd performance was in a house concert but I can't remember where in Boston     someplace. It happened and with John.....but it's gone.

   Second performance by John Zielinski for the Beethoven Society at Cliftondale            Congregational  Church, Saugus, MA on May l8, l990.

   Premier performance by John Zielinski at Trinitarian Congregational Church, North      Andover,  MA on Nov. 3, l989.




  Harbor  A soundpainting with a score


 And we WERE eating slime!!!! It wasn't green though. (reference to the book, 1984)




 "Sometime After One" was my very first commission from Rob Burroughs who is now  playing his violin in the heavenly chamber ensemble.




"Solar Reflection" jazz written another way.




"Folksong for my Mother" - the beginning... my very first classical piece of music. I  thought I was writing folk but my professor said it is classical!