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Indian Voices

midi horns
Canary Burton


I was listening and watching a 3 day PBS documentary about the Native Americans now and in the past. I found myself humming the "tunes" that were sung and danced at a Pow Wow[i9e54. I came to my computer and this is what flowed out. It's rather odd.

World Wide Musicians Unite
Julian Garcia



World Wide Musicians United


Julian Garcia  vocals, Master in Charge

Ilian Gogakis   Mix and Mastering engineer

Robin Phillips  Bass Esteban Descalzo    Drums

Gabi Despiero   Electric Guitar

Lary Chaplan  Violin

Canary Burton  Interior creation Sub Vocals

World Wide Musicians Unite
Canary Burton


Nightfall in the City


Julian Garcia,   Master in Charge

 ILIAS GOGAKIS  Mix and Mastering Engineer

 Robin Phillips  Bass

 Esteban Descalzo  Drums

 G  Electric Guitar

 Carly Patterson - Singer
 Canary Burton Songwriter




Evening falls upon us  as we sit here in the park

Sunlight Colors buildings softly fading into dark


Silence follows daydreams, windows suntrap the last spark 


Nightfall in the City, car lights picking out your smile

that's waiting in the shadows to hold me for awhile


Walk me to the corner streetlights glitter in the tile


Calmly as you leave me I'm watching nighttime rise

it's the answer to the hurry of daytime sunny skies


Walk me to the corner streetlights glitter in the tile

Turning I walk downtown loving gentle in my eyes


Evening falls upon me softly fading into night