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 Fat Jumping Birds          






On March 8, 2017 ! stopped my radio show The Latest Score on WOMR FM in Provincetown after 20 years in the hot seat. I will be writing more music  in the future. And I'm preparing for a book.I started radio very early tagging along with my dad on THIS



Open Mic Classical April 19, 2017 UU Church in Brewster, Ma Bob Marcus played Sola Viola..




Canary, I've just listened to the excerpts you've sent me of your Mass, and I love the music! The early segments, especially in your use of melody, remind me of Vaughn Williams, whose Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis is one of my very favorite orchestral works. Your music is fittingly reverential, and expertly rendered. Can't wait to hear more.
Jordan E. Spivack
Nanuet, New York


Hello Canary,

I am enjoying your cd! I had no idea, not really knowing you and only hearing The Latest Score, that you had such a jazz sensibility. I appreciate your harmony, often unexpected, and the originality of your lines. Oh my God, forgive me if I sound like some music critics, most of whom I find insufferable, but I'm really hearing some original music here! I hear the Monk influence on not only Monkish but Turkey Too and others. The ballads are exceptionally lyrical (Solar Reflections, Companion). Solar Reflection 2 is just lovely and Mercedes played it beautifully.


With the pieces that John Jarvis plays I'd love to know, in the melody choruses, whether you wrote out the chord voicings for him or if he was reading from a lead sheet. .



The pieces that Roxana plays are intriguing. I especially like Sigrid's Lullaby.

Once again, thank you for treating me to this wonderful music. I'll keep listening and i just might ask you for a lead sheet or two. 

Best always

Fred Fried (I sent him "Sigrid's Lullaby").





I'm in the movie  "Outermost Radio The Film" and here is the trailer 



A lovely review in MuzicNotez offering fans a new tune. "Southern River"


 This music was given The PatsyLu award by the judges of International Alliance for Women

 in Music in their search for new music. 



From Jerusha after listening to Syrian Moonlight on Sound Cloud: What generosity, majestic pace and gathering vulnerability: scary and comforting both. The "poem" is reminiscent of Sappho's "Everyday I hunger and I struggle" I'm quite certain her ghost is on Lesbos now, binding wounds and dispensing muse-meds.



 Review of "Raggity Three Step" in Skope Magazine January 25th


  "Raggity Three Step" Fabulous Review at Mi2N  Music Magazine


Review of "Jazz Bird"  by Rick Jamm in JammSphere Magazine

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About the review in Fanfare Magazine:


Yehuda Yanney - composer


"Canary dear: this is a very caring, I would even say, loving review. It makes one to wanting to meet the composer in person. I also think that the reviewer is right about the stylistic description; somewhat between jazz-pop and better Broadway. In the pieces I listened to, you always have some alluring moments, melodically and harmonically, that makes me perk up my ears. On the whole, this writer is really listening."