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Soundpaintings 2012

Lou Lou and Bird Sound Paintings 2012

by Canary Burton & Marylou Blakeslee

Released 2013
Seabird Studio
Released 2013
Seabird Studio
Sound Art, not exactly music, not necessarily noise. Totally improvised groupings of both human and non-human sound. Meant in this instance to be fun.
Marylou and I started making Sound Paintings 30 years ago. That was a time when people who heard what we were doing thought we were either geniuses or incredible losers. Some people at Berklee School of Music in Boston turned down my application to be a student and called the instructor who recommended me on the carpet. Just think, there are many
types of electroacoustic music in the US and in Europe now. I am a 21st Century Classical Music DJ on WOMR FM out of Provincetown, Ma and when I play the music on this album on an electroacoustic day, it fits right in there like we belonged. The tide has turned.