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Carly Patterson - singer

"Such a pleasure to get your note and it means a lot to me that you liked how it turned out! Your song is absolutely beautiful- couldn't get it out of my head for weeks!! Actually, when I heard that to the lady named Canary wrote it, I decided right there and then that I'd like to sing on it! The lyrics are so evocative! I loved the original version as a ballad as well.  And being a songwriter myself, that's the mark of a good song- when it can work in many different forms and elicit different feelings each time.

I very much respect your work and hope we get to work together in the future!!"

With warmth,



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Miguel Aguilar - composer

"A familiar radio voice through her "The Latest Score" program at WOMR, Canary Burton is also an accomplished composer. I recently came across some of her works and was captivated by their beauty. Especially by the many Jazz influenced piano pieces. They are little jewels perfect in their way! Her music should be performed more often. *


Rebecca HOSKING for minimalist nature Magazine

"Canary brings us a jazz compilation called, Jazz Bird. She is a composer that writes for no other reason except for the love of the game.  Some people exude their talent and Burton is one of those who creates pure heartfelt music from the deepest depths of the soul.

Jon Jarvis' (Canary's interpreter) fingers glide across the ivory keys as if the piano is an extension of his existence. The soft, melodic sounds fill the room and wrap around your heart as you get lost in Canary's world. Jon executes the music with precision, but playfully bounces from tune to tune. You can feel the emotional boundlessness to each track and can hear the longing in every single note. 

Canary Burton's latest CD, Jazz Bird, is a testimony and display of musical distinction. The music is uplifting and a caliber above the norm. Its simplicity is its beauty as you journey into the heart of a woman pure in spirit. "

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Mike White - recording artist

"Had just a wonderful time with your passionate, captivating piano compositions playing around me today. I'm a big fan of Yann Tiersen and I kept hearing snippets of his soul in the main figure of "Costa Brava" your style and love the spontaneous bursts of colour and dissonance. Sensational!"

 Dr. Fell Sound - engineer and composer of Electronics, UK

"As fine a collection of modern Western Classical I've heard since devouring the works of George Gershwin. Burton makes of piano what the Great American Novelist does of the English language, tells compelling stories."


Chris Lastovika - opera composer

"Right before I left to go out of town, I received your CD and have listened to it six times!! I absolutely love it. The freshness, meaningful communications and exquisite craftsmanship make the time fly by. Thank you so much for sending it. I have to add that it is very rare I want to hear anything more than once, much less six times in a row. So, thank you for that!'


Review in NeuFutur online music magazine These are fun to do. This one is amazing


Laura Balboni Carciun-viola and Suzanne Mueller-cello, performing "Southern River" in Harwichport, Ma August 8, 2012

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Danielle Baas concert producer and composer

"Yesterday evening, I met the pianist who will perform our 'Chopin' works in September, he told me he likes your work very much.Compliments are always welcome from the musicians!

The best to you, dear Canary."

Rick Sowash - composer

"This CD features "Tempus Floridum", a ten voice women's chorus based in Florence, Italy. Their singing is rich, warm and consistently engaging. You can hear their passion. The 19 tracks of this CD move about in an astonishing range of musical styles. There are arrangements of Italian folksongs, but also a slew of very original pieces. The inventiveness never ceases. Much of the music is a cappella but there are surprising accompaniments featuring harp, cello, piano, et al.The stylistic influences are many but the influence of jazz is the most predominant. Yet you would never call this music "jazz" as such. Some of this music is probing, some of it light and humorous, some of it is poignant and affecting, most notably Canary Burton's "American Lullaby". All of it rewards careful listening."


Open Mic - Classical At the Universalist Unitarian Church in Brewster All levels of classical musicians areinvited the Third Sunday of every month  But fear not, for despite a strong showing of finger-plucked strings, the UUs richly resonant piano did not sit idle, nor did pianos in general. Local Welfleetian composer (and renowned WOMR dj) Canary Burton played us recordings of some of her earliest piano-only work, transcendent arpeggios and clever turns of musical phrase that refuse to be boxed in by genre; ever-searching, ever-discovering. She also donates her CD recordings to our on-site raffle drawings. 

Monika Woods, director


Lynn Rene Bayley - Fanfare Magazine online and in print

"I should point out, however, that Burton's music is on a much higher plane than most current pop or Broadway music. Burton writes likeable melodies, then embellishes them with just the right seasoning, never to much or too little, to make her musical souffle rise just right."(see the whole review here)