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Soundpaintings 2014

Lou Lou & Bird (Soundpaintings 2014)

by Marylou Blakeslee & Canary Burton

Released 2015
Released 2015
This is sound art. It's music...and it's not music, go figure.
Marylou and I started making Soundpaintings 30 years ago using boom boxes, camera audio, tubs of water, plastic tubing, anything that made a sound. We'd layer them up, much like now only then Marylou made video's using our sound and her paintings.
Marylou is a Naturalist , still a painter, but now she climbs aboard cruise ships to explain to the passengers the water and land they are looking at during any given time. She does this in Guam, Baja California, Glacier Bay, Alaska working for the Forest Service, Antartica and wherever the polar bears are. She phones me from airports a lot.
Canary Burton, that's me, I'm the stationary one. I'm still right where we started so long ago. I'm the one with the equipment, the unmovable feast, the ability to make an album and get it here in CDBaby. I'm also a 21st century classical composer. I just rewrote a clarinet duo this morning for a concert next month. Marylou is due in from Montana in two weeks for our annual collaboration. this will be for next years album.