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 About The Artist

I was born in California 9 months after Pearl Harbor. I was brought home to a lovely home on a hillside with fabulous gardens. After my mother died I went to Texas to live with her sister, my aunt Ruby and her husband. After high school graduation I married and had two children. Divorced, I married again, only to remarry again and finally get out of town. During the 60's I was an antiwar activist and a union organizer. Then I went to school again.


I studied music at the University of Idaho at Moscow from 1972-79 and then relocated to Washington, D.C. to listen to jazz upclose. When I found  Wellfleet, Cape Cod (in Massachusetts) I knew I could grow a garden and grow old here ...and that's what I've done.


I continued my studies sparingly with several giants in the field both jazz and classical, spending two years working with John Zielinski ( Boston Conservatory) in composition and with Kevin Toney from the BLACKBYRDS  (Howard University)in performance.


While completing my college education I hosted a History of American Music radio show and a Jazz show at KUOI FM in Moscow, Idaho. I founded and played in various rock and jazz bands. When I moved to Washington, D.C., I worked writing copy for the Jazz station, WPFW FM's, newspaper, sold advertising and stuffed a lot of envelopes. After moving to the Cape, I established my 21st Century Classical Music show, "The Latest Score" on WOMR FM in Provincetown, MA in 1996. After 20 years I have given up the spot in favor of composing and writing.


Moving to Cape Cod proved fruitful for me.  Two compositions for small piano solo's are included in the published collection "Music of Living Composers" compiled by the Campbell University piano professor and composer Betty Wishart in 1997.  My works have been and are performed internationally. In 2013 My composition  "Sola Viola' was chosen for a book of viola solos by  the Faculty of Arts,  University of Pristina, Serbia. I have 9 albums of my music completed. In 2013 Multi awarded Romanian pianist, Roxana Bajdechi performed my piano music in a concert in Harwich, Ma. In 2014 I won The PatsyLu award for my cello and viola composition "Southern River" from the International Alliance for Women in Music.


Much to my surprise, my music sells, mostly singles, through places like Rhapsody or Itunes,  isn't that a hoot? Thank you for coming.